From Heartland to Hudson

A Radio/Podcast listening project in Flatbush NY & Moberly MO

Thank you for attending the meeting.

Organized by Internews Interactive, a California-based media nonprofit, the project is working with radio reporters from the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia MO; and the Columbia School of Journalism in New York City, to serve as “News Ambassadors” to their regions of the country.

The reporters have selected a community in their region, Flatbush in New York and the small city of Moberly in Missouri, to conduct a deep listening project. It will begin with a town hall meeting on October 1st at the Flatbush Public Library from 2-4 pm. The New York News Ambassadors will help guide the town hall.

Afterward, our journalists may follow up with individuals — some who attended the town hall meetings and some who did not — for deeper interviews.

The reporting teams will then do a story on their respective communities, using the town hall as a touchstone, to detect an issue where Flatbush and Moberley are unlikely to see eye to eye as the topic of our story. The stories will be shared with the two communities so they can learn about each other. Then, through the reporters, each community will have a chance to question the other — about concerns, beliefs, and hopes.

The stories will air on Missouri station KBIA and elsewhere, and may be broadcast on a National Public Radio program.

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