Digital Citizen 2012 Video Highlights

During the 2012 election, the Digital Citizen Initiative resulted in the 2012 Convention series VOICES UP for Link TV, which used an innovative online process to find Citizen Reporters who covered money in politics at the 2012 Republican and Democratic Conventions. In partnership with United Republic (today named Represent.US), we set out on a search for people to take to the 2012 Republican and Democratic  Convetions to become Citizen Reporters. 71,000 page views, 2200 votes, plus thousands of Tweets and Facebook “likes” later, we found our reporters. Here are three short videos that show how the process worked and how the TV series came out.


  1. First, here is the Digital Citizen web app and a sample of people who applied to become Citizen Reporters:

2. And here’s the 30 second open for Link TV’s series.

3. The series ran every day during the Conventions – here is a brief sample of the stories and our reporters:

 See all the videos in the Link TV Digital Citizen 2012 Election series on this YouTube Playlist


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