Welcome to Mismatch, the app that works like a dating site, except it doesn’t find your match, it finds your “mismatch.”

Mismatch is a non-profit that connects you to people with different ideas than your own, and supports you in having respectful, face-to-face online video conversations.

But wait – why would you want to talk to one of them? Because polls show that so many of us are frustrated with our political process. One reason is our weird presidential election system, where only 26% of eligible voters, one out of four, voted for the winner in 2016. So the majority, three out of four, voted differently or didn’t vote at all. But that doesn’t mean ¾ of Americans are all alike: we are Liberals and Conservatives, Centrists and Independents, political novices and political activists. How can we relate to one another in ways that get us closer to the ‘will of the people’? Those of us with different politics are likely to live in different parts of the country, are deeply distrustful of one another, and have no idea how to find each other.

That’s why we are creating Mismatch. Because in these troubled times all Americans need a way to connect with those on the “other side.”

Mismatch has received $35,000, with another $30,000 promised, to build the app and test it with college students this spring. We are working now to create a Kickstarter campaign, in order to launch the public-facing version of Mismatch that everyone can use. Mismatch will not only connect people, it will give us tools to help us engage in civilized conversations – one on one or in groups – and maybe even find ways to work together to find solutions to the political gridlock that blocks compromise and understanding.

The college project allows our team of programmers and mediators to design and test the basic Mismatch app. The additional funds will allow us to perfect and publicize it, and make it available to everyone. If you like the Mismatch idea, tell us and we will keep you updated!

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